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4 Most Impactful Higher Ed IT Trends from 2016


While it had it’s ups and downs, last year was ultimately fruitful for Higher Ed technology innovation and improvement. Researchers are now studying how students learn with the help of wearable technology, Edtech professionals are exploring the … [Read More...]

How Giving Back to Higher Ed Can Expand your Network


With this year quickly coming to a close, there’s no better time to give back to the institutions and individuals that you work with day to day. That might mean donating to your alma mater or reaching out to help those in the Higher Ed community… [Read More...]

Our Picks for the Must-Read Higher Ed IT Articles, November 2016

Higher Ed Articles

While Higher Ed may be slower to adopt new trends than other industries, that doesn’t mean that IT professionals necessarily have the time to keep up with every emerging technology on the horizon. From virtual reality to wearables, there’s a l… [Read More...]

4 Tips to Exceed User Expectations with your University Website

university website

The popular webcomic xkcd takes occasional good-natured jabs at academia, and this comic regarding university websites is achingly on point. Your institution's website is your gateway to the world of your users. It is often the first contact that … [Read More...]

New England HERC’s Diversity Recruitment Conference Recap

HERC Diversity Conference

Earlier this month, we were graciously invited to attend the 6th annual New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium’s (HERC) Diversity Conference at Wheelock College in Boston. The event brought together HERC members, special guests, ven… [Read More...]

Top 6 Perks of Nontraditional Technology Consulting

nontraditional technology consulting

Technology consulting comes in a variety of forms, from management to functional and technical consulting, but one thing remains true no matter what industry you’re in: most traditional contracts are for between three months to a year of full-ti… [Read More...]

How One CIO Revolutionized His University’s Internal IT Marketing

University Internal IT Marketing

The relationship between university IT departments and their user bases can be strained at times, especially during large-scale systems implementations. IT’s job is to ensure that users have the training and support they need to take full advant… [Read More...]

Our Picks for the Must-Read Higher Ed IT Articles, October 2016

must read articles october

With autumn in full swing and 2016 quickly coming to a close, Higher Ed IT departments are preparing for the challenges that the new year has to offer. From cybersecurity to data analytics, there’s a lot to keep in mind as a university CIO or IT… [Read More...]

3 Greatest Challenges Specific to State University IT

state university IT

Most Higher Ed IT departments face similar challenges with budget restraints, hiring and retaining talented staff, and balancing the maintenance of existing systems with the need to implement emerging technologies. As if that weren’t enough, IT… [Read More...]

What will Higher Ed IT Look Like in 2020?

Higher Ed IT 2020

The future of Higher Education is a popular topic of discussion among academics and administrative staff alike. But, while there are plenty of differing positions about what will facilitate the most important changes in the next few years, there s… [Read More...]

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