Our Picks for the Must-Read Higher Ed IT Articles, February 2017

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MustReadArticlesFebruaryAlthough Higher Ed may be slow to adapt to new tech trends, it can be tough to keep up with every new technology or innovation─that’s where we come in. Let us save time out of your busy schedule with our list of the must-read Higher Ed IT articles from last month.

Avoiding Cloud Project Surprises

Like many IT endeavors, cloud migration can come with its fair share of hidden costs that may cause your project to go over budget. With a little guidance and the right preparation, you should be able to avoid these surprises and keep your cloud project running smoothly. Learn more about the anatomy of cloud project cost overrun with CIO’s full article.

Mobile Security vs. User Access

BYOD and the “anywhere, anytime” access that students require from their universities may cause problems for mobile security, but there are ways to find a balance. In fact, EdTech Magazine’s Casey Gordon presents multiple best practices for how to get faculty and students to buy into the benefits of mobile security, keep data secure, and ensure that users have access. Learn more about mobile security with EdTech Magazine’s full article.

Fog Computing & IoT

The popularity of cloud solutions isn’t going to decrease anytime soon, but the question of whether to migrate to the cloud may become more nuanced in the near future. Fog computing, a mixture of cloud computer and on-site IT, is a third option that may have a lot of potential going forward, especially when dealing with the Internet of Things. Learn more about the benefits of fog computing with CIO Dive’s full article.

Multilayered Security Strategies

Cybersecurity is undoubtedly important, especially as Higher Ed finds itself the target of an increasing number of threats. Arkansas State University recently decided to change from a reactionary approach to security to a proactive end-to-end security solution after a large data breach. Learn more about ASU’s multi-layered security strategy with EdTech Magazine’s full article.

An EdTech Explosion

Reports predict that EdTech spending will significantly increase in the next 3 years, which begs the question “Is Higher Ed Prepared for an EdTech Explosion?” This data was condensed into a very useful infographic by Team Dynamix and may help you determine whether your institution is ready for the increased focus on EdTech in the future. Learn more about the report, as well as the infographic, in eCampusNews’ full article.

Diverse Applications of Data Analytics

As one of Educause’s Top 10 Issues of 2017, data-based decision making is a prominent topic in Higher Ed. Thankfully, the applications of data analytics are growing more diverse as universities expand their business intelligence efforts. Learn more about how Higher Ed institutions are using data analytics with EdTech Magazine’s full article.

We hope this list has been helpful in keeping you in the know on the topics that are important to Higher Ed IT. If you’d like to suggest an article or topic for discussion, please leave a comment below or send us a message.
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