Our Picks for the Must-Read Higher Ed IT Articles, January 2017

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MustReadArticlesJanuary (2)With the new year in full swing, Higher Ed is busier than ever and it can be difficult to keep up everything going on in the university technology community. If you’re a CIO or IT director looking to get a quick glimpse at the best articles from last month, look no further; we have you covered with our picks for the must-read Higher Ed IT articles from January.

Higher Ed Tech Trends for 2017

Data analytics and cybersecurity were popular trends in Higher Ed IT for most of 2017, as institutions looked for more efficient ways to analyze student success and defend against malicious hackers. Although it’s only February, it’s a safe bet that these trends will continue to be important throughout 2017. Learn more about how these trends will evolve this year and what other innovations to expect with EdTech Magazine’s full article.

How to Recruit More Women

While many Higher Ed institutions are working to improve diversity among their IT departments’ staff, there’s more that can be done to increase the number of women in the Higher Ed technology community. InHerSight, a website that allows women to review employers, asked their users what qualities matter most to them in a prospective job, and the results may surprise you. Learn about how to recruit more women with CIO’s full article.

Educause’s Top 10 IT Issues

The coming of the new year doesn’t just mark the start of a new semester for the Higher Ed IT community; it also brings the release of Educause’s Top 10 IT Issues report! Unsurprising to some, information security remained on top for a second year in a row, followed closely by Student Success and Data-Informed Decision Making. Learn more about the top IT issues for 2017, as well as how to deal with them at your institution with Educause’s full article.

Tips for Becoming a CIO

The role of the Higher Ed CIO has been changing over time, becoming more fluid and taking on different responsibilities. There is no one type of CIO and the more talented CIOs that focus on Higher Ed, the better the field will become. With that in mind, there are a few ways to improve your chances of landing a job as CIO. Learn more about how to increase your odds with Tech Republic’s full article.

The CIO’s Role in 2017

As previously mentioned, the CIO’s role is changing. It’s no longer enough to maintain a university’s IT infrastructure; CIOs are expected to keep the ship afloat, while also preparing for the future. This is no easy task. Learn more about how the role is changing and what CIOs can do to keep up in CIO Dive’s full article.

We hope this list has been helpful in keeping you in the know on the topics that are important to Higher Ed IT. If you’d like to suggest an article or topic for discussion, please leave a comment below or send us a message.
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