6 Obvious But Overlooked Ways to Increase Your Chances of Project Success


The success of an IT project in Higher Ed relies heavily on the strength and organization of the team responsible for its completion. That being said, building a dream team of department employees and contractors will not necessarily guarantee that your project runs smoothly. In fact, there are more subtle, and often overlooked, ways to improve the chances that your project meets its deadline, stays on budget, and exceeds stakeholder expectations. Here are a few of the best tips to keep in mind during your next Higher Ed technology project.

The Surprising Cost Savings of Hiring Higher Ed IT Contractors


As with any workplace, staff costs can make (or break) your budget. In Higher Ed IT, we are often asked to spin straw into gold; creating the most robust technology environment possible using minimal university resources. One way to produce under such pressures is to create the right balance of team member types, hiring independent contractors for certain roles and employees for others. While there are many benefits to hiring an employee, such as loyalty, continuity across projects, and the retention of years of knowledge, there are also many benefits to working with an IT contractor.

4 Obvious But Overlooked Ways to Shorten the IT Decision-Making Process


Sometimes, it can feel like Higher Ed IT moves at a snail’s pace; it can be slow to adopt new technologies, slow to get projects underway and slow to make key decisions on projects that go through multiple departments at an institution. While these snags are often unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to help shorten a lengthy decision-making process and minimize its effect on your progress as much as possible.

Our Picks for the Must-Read Higher Ed IT Articles, January 2017

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