Looking for Free Advice on Your Project?

We know how important it is to communicate with other IT professionals in Higher Ed. Whether you’re facing a difficult problem in your project or have some questions about a specific product, you can request free advice from an impartial peer. If you need a little more assistance, we have a number of experienced consultants that you can call to discuss your project challenges free of charge.

Take a look through our network of available Higher Ed IT peers and consultants, and feel free to contact us in the sidebar to request to speak with any of them. If we do not have the right person for you to speak to, let us know and we will find the right person to help.
Disclaimer: Please note that peers are not affiliated with Optimal Partners, however, some consultants may be. All are fellow Higher Ed professionals who have agreed to provide their advice. All peers and consultants have agreed to take one phone call, with any further communication at their discretion.