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8 Questions to Ask When Developing a Cloud Strategy


In just a few years, we have seen acceptance of public cloud shift fairly dramatically from concern and skepticism to eagerly embracing the opportunities afforded. Five years ago, many of our hosted clients wanted to know that Unicon (and indirect… [Read More...]

Our Picks for the Must-Read Higher Ed IT Articles, February 2017


Although Higher Ed may be slow to adapt to new tech trends, it can be tough to keep up with every new technology or innovation─that’s where we come in. Let us save time out of your busy schedule with our list of the must-read Higher Ed IT arti… [Read More...]

6 Obvious But Overlooked Ways to Increase Your Chances of Project Success


The success of an IT project in Higher Ed relies heavily on the strength and organization of the team responsible for its completion. That being said, building a dream team of department employees and contractors will not necessarily guarantee tha… [Read More...]

The Surprising Cost Savings of Hiring Higher Ed IT Contractors


As with any workplace, staff costs can make (or break) your budget. In Higher Ed IT, we are often asked to spin straw into gold; creating the most robust technology environment possible using minimal university resources. One way to produce under … [Read More...]

4 Obvious But Overlooked Ways to Shorten the IT Decision-Making Process


Sometimes, it can feel like Higher Ed IT moves at a snail’s pace; it can be slow to adopt new technologies, slow to get projects underway and slow to make key decisions on projects that go through multiple departments at an institution. While th… [Read More...]

Our Picks for the Must-Read Higher Ed IT Articles, January 2017

MustReadArticlesJanuary (2)

With the new year in full swing, Higher Ed is busier than ever and it can be difficult to keep up everything going on in the university technology community. If you’re a CIO or IT director looking to get a quick glimpse at the best articles from… [Read More...]

7 Useful Tips for New Higher Ed Project Managers


As many of Optimal Partners’ articles point out, Higher Ed is different. My introduction to the field took place at Harvard University when I was working on projects in the area of Research Administration. Needless to say, I had a lot of learnin… [Read More...]

Top 5 Higher Ed CIO Myths

Top5HigherEdCIOMyths (1)

Being a Higher Ed CIO is a complex and often misunderstood job, as anyone who follows the blogs of any Higher Ed CIO can attest to. This misunderstanding has led to a few frequently propagated myths about the profession, myths that can be counterp… [Read More...]

Game-Based Learning: Disruptive Approaches to Education, Learning, Training, and Development


Game-based Learning (GBL) emerged on the academic and enterprise scene in the late 1990s. GBL encompasses fun, play, engagement, serious learning, and interactive entertainment. GBL is a pedagogical (K-12) or andragogical (adult) approach to lear… [Read More...]

Our Picks for the Must-Read Higher Ed IT Articles, December 2016


With the start of the new year, there’s no better time to look back at what we learned from 2016 and what we can expect out of the future. As a university CIO or director, it can be difficult to keep tabs on every upcoming trend or topic for dis… [Read More...]

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